Live weather data

Kirikabu-yama – 伐株山

Mino-san – 耳納山

Ajara-yama – あじゃら山

Kotohira-dake – 琴平岳

Uono-yama – 魚野山

Yatake-yama – 矢岳山

Raizan – 雷山

Katsuragi-yama – 葛城山

Katsuragi-yama East – 東葛城山

OKbokujyou – OK牧場

Saruba-yama – 猿葉山

  • 長崎フリーフライトはクラブの総会でインターネットの受信機の件が終了となりました。残念ですね。また、山の所へ携帯受信機で受信が出来ます。

Terayama – 寺山

Ryuumonzan – 龍門山

Santousan – 三頭山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Mizunomaru – 水の丸山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Takayama – 高山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Mikamoyama – みかも山

Oohirayama – 大平山

Hokureizan – 北嶺山

Kirara – 雲母峰

Nakatsumine – 中津峯

Kuratake – 倉岳

Kamui – 神居山


These are the products you may order from the order page. Prices are in Japanese Yen, Paypal does the currency conversion. Roughly, 100yen is approximately $1.

Product Name Summary Price
weather station Weather station Weather station to put on the mountain top. Anemometer, wind vane, temperature sensor, battery, solar panel, fixture and everything you need except the mast. No adjustments are needed, works straight from the box. 42,000en
LED panel receiver Receiver with LED panel Bright and easy to read LED panel, low power consumption. Can be powered from wall adapter as well as from car cigarette lighter. It's very useful in the car as well as just hanging on the wall in the club house, where everyone may see what's going on at the mountain top. 7,400en
LCD receiver Receiver with LCD screen This receiver shows also the mountain name and the temperature. However, display size is not so big and may be difficult to read from the distance. 7,400en
inet receiver Receiver with Internet upload This receiver can connect to the Internet and upload the received data to this web site. 34,000en


These are the spare parts you may use for repair or your DYI projects.

Product Name Summary Price
UM wireless module UM wireless module Ultra-low power (10mW) wireless module. Can send the data over 1km at 1200baud. This module is used in all our receivers. 3,600en
LM wireless module LM wireless module Low power (500mW) wireless module. Can send the data over 4km at 1200baud. This module is used for weather station installations. 7,200en
USB module UM wireless module with USB adapter Plug this into your PC and use the weather data with any software (data comes from virtual serial port). 5,400en
USB-UART USB-UART adapter This adapter converts TTL serial data (from microprocessor) into USB serial port (to your PC). Very useful for DYI projects, see explanation for details. 1,800en