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Live weather data

Kirikabu-yama – 伐株山

Mino-san – 耳納山

Ajara-yama – あじゃら山

Kotohira-dake – 琴平岳

Uono-yama – 魚野山

Yatake-yama – 矢岳山

Raizan – 雷山

Katsuragi-yama – 葛城山

Katsuragi-yama East – 東葛城山

OKbokujyou – OK牧場

Saruba-yama – 猿葉山

  • 長崎フリーフライトはクラブの総会でインターネットの受信機の件が終了となりました。残念ですね。また、山の所へ携帯受信機で受信が出来ます。

Terayama – 寺山

Ryuumonzan – 龍門山

Santousan – 三頭山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Mizunomaru – 水の丸山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Takayama – 高山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Mikamoyama – みかも山

Oohirayama – 大平山

Hokureizan – 北嶺山

Kirara – 雲母峰

Nakatsumine – 中津峯

Kuratake – 倉岳

Kamui – 神居山

Receiver with LED output

Wind speed and direction are shown on a very bright 7-segment LED panel, which is easy to read from a distance of several meters.

receiver w/LED output

How to Use LED based receiver

Just connect the power supply (wall adapter or car cigarette adapter) to the power connector. Receiver will show two horizontal lines "--" and blink the dot. If nothing is shown – something is wrong with the power supply.

Adjust the antenna in a more or less vertical position. In about a minute the fresh data comes from weather station, and LED indicator will show wind speed and direction. If you are hidden behind the mountain or inside the building, the reception quality may be quite poor, and it's advised to move the receiver in a clear view of the mountain.

wind speed on the LED indicator wind direction on the LED indicator

Fist picture shows wind speed 1.1 m/s, second picture shows the wind direction South-East. Wind speed is shown as 0.1-9.9 (decimal dot in the middle) for wind speeds from 0.1m/s to 9.9m/s, and 10.-99. (decimal dot in the right position) for wind speeds over 10m/s.

Wind direction is shown as a "where the wind comes from", considering the center of the LED panel as the mountain top and 4 sides as directions – North on the top, South on the bottom, West on the left and East on the right.

North wind is shown as "^^", South as "__" and so on. Mixed directios are also possible, South-West comes as "|_" or South-East comes as "_|". When the wind direction is shown, the decimal dot is off. There are totally 16 different directions can be shown: 4 main directions (N, S, W, E), 4 mixed (NW, SW, NE, SE) and 8 more in between (NNW, WNW, WSW, SSW, SSE, ESE, ENE, NNE).