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Kirikabu-yama – 伐株山

Mino-san – 耳納山

Ajara-yama – あじゃら山

Kotohira-dake – 琴平岳

Uono-yama – 魚野山

Yatake-yama – 矢岳山

Raizan – 雷山

Katsuragi-yama – 葛城山

Katsuragi-yama East – 東葛城山

OKbokujyou – OK牧場

Saruba-yama – 猿葉山

  • 長崎フリーフライトはクラブの総会でインターネットの受信機の件が終了となりました。残念ですね。また、山の所へ携帯受信機で受信が出来ます。

Terayama – 寺山

Ryuumonzan – 龍門山

Santousan – 三頭山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Mizunomaru – 水の丸山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Takayama – 高山

  • 10月予定、工事中です

Mikamoyama – みかも山

Oohirayama – 大平山

Hokureizan – 北嶺山

Kirara – 雲母峰

Nakatsumine – 中津峯

Kuratake – 倉岳

Kamui – 神居山

LM wireless module

Low power (500mW) wireless module. Can send the data over 4-5km at 1200baud, direct line of sight. If there are any obstructions (buildings, mountains), transmission range will be shorter.

This module is used in our weather stations.

LM wireless module

Technical details

The standard package includes the wireless module tuned to 430Mhz, rubber duck type antenna and 9-wire flat cable with the appropriate connector.

There are 2 ports available, serial interface with TTL levels and (jumper configurable) RS-232 / RS-485 port. The serial interface is extremely easy to use, all RF data transmission, reception, format conversions and flow control are performed automatically using internal buffers.

There are different data rates available – 1200/4800/9600/19200/38400bps, however transmission range will change accordingly: 4km at 1200bps but only 2000m at 9600bps. We only stock 1200baud modules, all other rates are available, but require hardware modifications with the lead time about 1 week. Data rate is fixed once the module is shipped and can not be changed later.

This module uses GFSK modulation with high-efficiency forward error correction to enhance bit error rate to 10-5 ~ 10-6 when channel bit error rate may reach 10-2.